mercoledì 15 marzo 2017

Amuri Mio Fragranza #sicilia #sultan

Amuri My is the essence in its purest expression.
It 'a collection of fragrances imagined in tune with the valueartistic Nello Migliaccio and Nose Perfumer Luca Maffeiused only of exceptional quality raw materials to create thevintage wines, rich in sensations.
Close your eyes, Look out from Maniace Castle dwellingFederico II and watch the district Isle of Syracuse where, overlookingthe sea, is the historic home of the family is "Villa PrincessLisa ''.
The sea reflected the warm glow of the sun setting behindMonti Iblei and offers itself to your eyes; the warm wind rufflesHair and thoughts seem to have become light and transparent:You are free, pervaded by the scent of jasmine Sambac thataccompanies the Sicilian sunny days. With the arrival of theLate afternoon, the scents become hot and heady, flowersvanilla that mix with Sandalwood ending inblaze of amber and cool of Musk.
this feelingtraducetela in a fragrance, add in a bit of history andyou Amuri My Sicilia.
Top Note: lively agreement Vibrating Notes Spicy cooled by Mediterrane notes.
Heart notes: Tempered by spicy notes of bergamotCinnamon, Jasmine Sambac.
Base Notes: One of sandalwood Woods background supported byVanilla that gives a trail of extraordinary sensuality.
An intimate composition, built around amber andcleverly combined with the freshness of Musk. Timeless essence.
The inspiration, the elegance and sophistication seen by Nello Migliacciodedicating the first fragrance of the collection Amuri My Lisa Companion of His Life.
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